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Wines We Love

Take the hassle out of choosing wine! Wines We Love is a bespoke wine collection created by a number of wine experts. This exclusive range makes choosing wine easy and convenient whatever the occasion and with bottles starting from €8, it’s great value too. 

Vega Roja

Vega Roja Chardonnay 75cl - €8

A palate full of citrus fruits and honeydew melon.

Vega Roja

Vega Roja Tempranillo Shiraz 75cl - €8

Delicious plum and blueberry flavours with a hint of spice.

Of Course

Of Course Sauvignon Viognier 75cl - €9

Pineapple aromas, toffee hints and a sooth finish.


Yamana Malbec 75cl - €9

Aromas of red berries and hints of vanilla, well-balanced and fresh.

Rock & Roots

Rock & Roots Organic Tempranillo 75cl - €9

Aromas of strawberries, smooth and well-balanced.

Rock and Roots

Rock & Roots Organic Verdejo Sauvignon 75cl - €9

Aromas of ripe peaches and tropical fruit flavours. Crisp and well-balanced.

Chocolate Moose

Chocolate Moose Carignan 75cl - €10

Full-flavoured with an aroma of red berries and a hint of vanilla.

Chic Pepee

Chic Pépée Rosé 75cl - €10

Flavours of fresh red fruits and floral notes, such as violet and rose.

3 Little Words

3 Little Words Marlborough Sauvignon 75cl - €10

Aromas of gooseberry, green apple and freshly cut grass.


Rasteau Cellier De Monterail 75cl - €12

Complex flavours of fresh red fruit, vanilla and spicy notes.