Inspired by Centra

The new Inspired by Centra premium range has been expertly created to bring you the ultimate in flavour and taste. So you can do more, share more and enjoy more.

Pop into your local Centra to be Inspired.

Centra Cold Pressed Juices

Cold pressed juices bursting with healthy goodness. Inspired by Centra Cold Pressed Cucumber Juice, Beetroot Juice, Carrot Juice, 250ml. €2.69 each.

Inspired by Centra Juice Shots

Inspired by Centra Cold Pressed Turmeric Shot, Beetroot Shot, Ginger Shot, 100ml. €2.19 each.

Inspired by Centra Salad Bowl Range

Inspired by Centra salad bowls include Torn Ham, Egg & Slaw Bowl, Cured Peppered Beef & Supergrain Bowl, Green Goddess Bowl, Parmesan Chicken Caesar Bowl and The Paleo Super Bowl, €5.50 each.

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Feel inspired with our delicious range of soups. Inspired by Centra Garam Masala Soup 470g, Moroccan Style Chickpea Soup 470g and Chestnut Mushroom Soup 470g, €2.99 each.

Inspired by Centra pastaFree range egg pasta filled with the very best ingredients; made in Italy. Inspired by Centra Pasta Range 250g, €3.39 each.

Succulent & TenderInspired by Centra Irish Angus Gourmet Beef Burgers 284g, €3.00 each.

Matured & Full of FlavourMatured for 21 days & aged on the bone; Inspired by Centra Irish Angus Sirloin Steaks with Peppercorn Butter 494g, €10.00 per pack.